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Blue-Sky, Design, Show Producer

Senior Show Producer


Wall-e the Robot: Wall-e living character toured The Big D cafeteria at Imagineering for test run. 

Stitch Live

Stitch Live Ribbon Cutting 03/22/2008

Very first live show in front of audiance

Exterior soft opening to public

Exterior soft opening to public

Stitch Live Theater

Stitch on Screen

Stitch Live control board touch screen

Nick and Stitch

Stitch Voice Cast Members and coaching team

Stitch Voice Cast team group picture in front of Stitch

BlueSky Concepts

Art by Mark Page

Character control booth

Fish Tank

Sea Monster Doors

Chat Room


Sea Monster Show

Interactive Portholes Turtle Talk

Bedtime Porthole


Talking Goofy

Little Mermaid

Scuba Suit

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