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What we do...​

  • Bring your ideas to life with our visualization services. Our expertise lies in conceptualization, pre-visualization, digital modeling, and sculpting for early prototyping of intricate organic shapes.

  • We are dedicated to transforming your rough sketches into tangible 3D prototypes, making the transition from idea to reality seamless.

  • We also provide mesh to surface model conversions for fabrication and manufacturing, ensuring your designs are ready for production.


Our Story

Nick deSomov and Blaise Gauba, the co-founders of Geekydom Studios, first crossed paths on the set of the iconic film "Back to the Future" in the early 1980s. Despite the passing of time, their friendship has only grown stronger.

Throughout the years, they have developed extensive careers in the entertainment industry, having worked in set and model making for movies and later becoming Disney Imagineers.

Their passion for creativity shines through in everything they do, whether it be entertaining people, designing toys, or crafting collectible figurines. At their core, they are in the business of creating cool and imaginative things.

Meet The Team

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