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About Us

We make the Fantastical

What we do...​

Help you visualize new ideas, concepts and designs.

We Specialize in concept development, pre visualization and digital modeling for early prototyping of sculpturally complex organic shapes. 

We will take your designs from napkin sketch to 3D printed prototype.

3D scanning and 3D printing.

Mesh to CAD model conversion used for fabrication and manufacturing.


Our Story

Geekydom Studios was founded by Nick deSomov and Blaise Gauba, two friends who met for the very first time on the set of the time travel movie Back to the Future. Their friendship has been steadfast ever since.

Over the decades, their careers have included everything from being Disney Imagineers, model and prop builders for movies, designers of  toys and collectible figurines.

They love to express their creativity by doing what they enjoy the most. Entertaining people and designing and making cool stuff.

Meet The Team

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