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Aero Troopers

NueArt Pictures

 TechnicalDirector / Co Owner / Co Creator

Before our CG feature film was called Aero Troopers, our early working title was 'Icarus Trees'. Produced and Created by NueArt Pictures. Directed by Terry Izumi.

Aero Troopers Demo segment Turret Row 1999. This was a demo edit I put together to create interest in our film for future distributors. The movie was finaly released in 2004 by Monarch Home Videos.

The Eternals

In the Eternals the one who controls the sword controls the heavens.


This is a short animation about the eternal battle between good and evil. Through the millennia the Eternal who guards Hell will confront the Eternal who guards Heaven for the the prize of winning the sword of heaven. Once the sword is won and obtained the Eternal is transformed into a force of good to go on and guard heaven until the battle is fought once again.


The year the Eternals was made was 1998 as an in house project for our new company NueArt Pictures. This was a proof of concept for animating humanoid characters in 3D Studio Max. We then took this knowledge and created our first full feature animated film Aero Troopers. Everyone who worked on this is listed in the end credits.


I had to dig through my archives to find this and transfer it from VHS tape to digital, thus the poor quality of the video.

Behind the scenes of The Eternals

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